The Brief

Arjuna Wholefoods have been a beacon for healthy eating for over forty years in the heart of Cambridge. They provide a plethora of whole foods, fresh fruit and veg, on-site catering and a wide range of alternative health products. Their current website had become dated and the cooperative approached Red Alien for a complete site refresh with the tools to take the website forwards into the next era.


  • Create an image-led UX
  • Incorporate a strong history page
  • Design UI for a wide user age-spectrum
  • A fully responsive website
  • Deliver the website on a user-friendly CMS
An iMac showing the new Arjuna Wholefoods website

The Groundwork

As discussions opened with Arjuna Wholefoods the importance of their history was apparent (having graced Mill Road since the seventies!) and we began mind-mapping designs which would best represent this. One thing we found lacking from their old site was a showcase of their in-store products, so we began sowing seeds of ideas on how to best integrate this into the new site.

The Blueprint

The UX was to be presented with large images showing off Arjuna’s tasty produce as well as a featured History area. Our designers also brought in a couple of coordinated colours to balance out the Arjuna yellow and green.

The Arjuna Wholefoods website on a laptop outdoors
The Arjuna Wholefoods website on a tablet which rests on a breakfast table

The Build

Building up from the wireframes involved adding parallax features to pages, overlaying images with text and bringing the colour schemes together, all of which was a meticulous affair for our developers who were ensuring the storytelling was driving the user experience.

The Result

The feedback has been resounding and to satisfy the whole cooperative is an achievement we are proud of. We have also been giving WordPress support to Arjuna’s media team to ensure they succeed in managing the site.

A young woman viewing the Arjuna Wholefoods website on mobile