The Brief

Readerboards were looking to launch a website for their unusual product with image galleries galore with the aim to sell readerboards to the UK marketplace.


  • Design an image focused UI
  • Create an efficient UX to convert users into getting quotes and buying products
  • Develop a robust e-commerce platform on an easy-to-manage CMS
The Readerboards website being viewed on a large screen device

The Groundwork

What are readerboards? We’ve seen them on the big screen, but not so much on the roadside in the UK. The client wanted a site that spell-out exactly what readerboards are to familiarise the unfamiliar user.

The Blueprint

The typography genes of our designers were well and truly triggered as they approached their work which would showcase a product that had so much socio-font-weight to it. They wanted to compliment this by using a font-style that was striking and distinct. Our designers also took inspiration from the readerboard tracks when wireframing.

The Readerboards website on a laptop
A Red Alien designed website on tablet

The Build

The UX was designed with parallel concepts to that of the UI, so that the whole site would function as clear and simple as that of a readerboard. The e-commerce was built and tested so that it would be ready for when the client wanted to send it live.

The Result

The end result is a website that can be altered without affecting the layout – very much like a readerboard. In the months that have passed since the launch, the site has already undergone UI changes of content, images and layout, and the initial framework is embracing this.

The Readerboards website on mobile