The new Spotless domestic cleaning website on different screen sizes

The Brief

Spotless Cleaning are a family-run cleaning company based in Cambridge who were established in 2002. Following on from having successfully created a website for the commercial branch of Spotless Cleaning enterprise, we were approached to redesign their domestic website and to envelop it with the same branding we created for the commercial site.


  • Design a brand new website on an easy-to-manage CMS
  • Build in bespoke branding
  • Create a clear and friendly UI
  • Develop UX around the services pages and contact forms
A woman browsing the new Spotless Domestic website created by Red Alien

The Groundwork

We gathered information on the domestic expertise of Spotless Cleaning and researched what qualities a domestic cleaning company website would require to promote the services as best as possible.

The Blueprint

Our designers focused their wireframes on the target audience by breaking each page into prominent visual areas, such as the navigation menu, individual service areas and call-to-actions for requesting quotes. These mockups underwent vigorous rounds of revision to weed out any inefficiencies in layout.

A laptop on a sofa next to a cat with the Spotless Domestic Cleaning website up
A couple sharing their viewing of the Spotless Cleaning website on tablet

The Build

Building functional pages from the prototypes was completed in good time and testing their responsive nature was also smooth sailing for our developers. Adding in the ‘request a quote’ features required meticulous coding which the team became utterly engrossed in.

The Result

The Spotless Domestic Cleaning website stands proudly alongside its Commercial sibling and it dons the bespoke branding we created and has been wooing local clients ever since it fled the nest.

A smiling woman reading the Spotless Domestic Cleaning website on her mobile phone