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You may have read in the last 24 hours that Google has rolled out a toolbar page rank (PR) update.  This usually leads to us geeky internet consultants quickly checking that our web ego’s havent taken a bashing with a reduced PR.  Im sure many small companies, bloggers etc wont even check or care, but should they?

In this update we have seen some deeper pages  increasing in ranking which hasnt been common in a while.  It’s been almost 6 months since the last PR update and anyone that follows Matt Cutts from Google will know he mentioned it was on it’s way.

The page rank updates used to be monthly, then quarterly and now every 6 months, I think it is a sign of the significance of page rank on the slide.  Due to search engine alogorithms becoming more intelligent, PR no longer carries as much significance as when it was first introduced few years back.

Dont panic if your PR hasnt gone up as there is no guarantee that this places any value against how high you rank in search engines or how much traffic you get.  In fact with the advances in social media, the Google +1 button and other factors it wouldnt surprise me if toolbar PR eventually just becomes a distant memory over the next few years as per my article back in December.

Have you seen any pr movement on your site recently?

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  • Dave from Positronic Design says:

    I’ve had a number of sites drop from four to three. I’m checking through now. Just noticed this yesterday. On the bright side, my company web site is still a PR5, and we jumped up to #24 for “SEO Company”, which is awesome. Nice article. I’ll be back.

  • Zak Jacobs says:

    Hi Ned, Google ditched page rank in webmaster tools back in 2009 so the first signs of reduced importance began then. In fact these days it’s said that page rank is just one of over 200 factors that determine where your site is listed in the search engines. Theres an awful lot more active work you can do to increasre rankings but thats another discussion

  • Ned Dennis says:

    I dont see much point in the page rank now, i used to worry about having a zero, it took ages to get to a 1 but my site never moved more than a few places either side of its current ranking

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