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What is Pay Per Click Adwords (PPC)?

Google Adwords advertising, also known as PPC (pay per click), is a form of online paid advertising whereby visitors are directed to an advertiser’s website after clicking on an advertisement, and the advertiser pays for each visitor on a per-click or basis. Pay Per Click (PPC) is also often known as CPC (cost-per-click)

Red Alien are an Official Google Adwords Partner manages your Adwords campaign effectively to ensure that your PPC budget is used in the most efficient way. Professional pay per click management means monitoring and making changes to the key phrases you’re bidding on and keeping up to date with the latest Google updates.

Benefits of Adwords (PPC) Marketing

  • Pay per click advertising generates traffic immediately and is a responsive and fast method for creating buzz for your site.
  • Pay per click advertising is extremely flexible – keywords can be adjusted, added or deleted according to current market conditions.
  • For short-term advertising campaigns, pay per click advertising is ideal – allowing organisations to change the copy of ads as desired to reflect keyword changes.
  • Pay per click advertising can give an immediate return on investment – especially if your website can process business/sales online.

Intelligent keywords increase advertising conversions

Compared to traditional banner advertising, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) has become far more widely used. Major search engines like Google and Yahoo have adopted the PPC advertising model, with Google taking the lead.  Selecting the right keywords is a key factor for success and preparation and research can be carried out to build an effective campaign strategy.

How Google Adwords Work

AdWords ads are displayed along with search results when someone searches Google using one of your keywords.  Ads appear under ‘Sponsored links’ in the side column of a search page, and may also appear in additional positions above the free search results.  That way, you’ll be advertising to an audience that’s already interested in your business. You can also choose to display your ads on Display Network sites in the growing Google Network.   You can also choose the exact Display Network placements where you’d like your ad to appear, or you can let contextual targeting match your keywords to content.

You can choose from a variety of ad formats, including text, image, and video ads, and easily track your ad performance using the reports available in your account.

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Social media advertising

As social media grows so has the need for advertisers to reach a wider audience that is more digital savvy than ever before.  Social Media is a key marketing function and networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube now fully complement the well know Google Adwords for paid search advertising.  All of these channels can align with business goals to reach an audience and build rapport with potential customers.

Sounds complicated?

Well at Red Alien in Cambridge we can manage the whole process for you and make sure that you are getting the best return on your investment with your PPC spend.

Because we regard our clients as business partners rather than accounts, we explain each step of our pay per click management process so that we gain their input and insight. This also ensures that each step of the process meets with their approval. Our customised pay per click campaign management is broken down into the following logical steps:


Pay Per Click Campaign Management

Client Communication

First, we listen to our clients to discover what their wants and expectations are. This allows us to gain invaluable insight into their goods and services and learn what sets them apart.

Account Organisation

We organise the structure of the pay per click account into AD Groups or “groupings” based on the relevancy and similarities of the keywords we have researched for you.

Pay Per Click Keyword Research

We conduct extensive research into which keywords and phrases will provide our clients with the maximum return on their investment.

Pay Per Click AD Writing

Your ads are created and then we refine and polish the content so that each word is carefully chosen and placed with the appropriate call to action or offer.

Additional Research

We identify niche opportunities within your industry in the pay per click marketplace to give you a competitive edge.

Landing Page Optimisation

We review the landing pages on your website and make any improvement recommendations if needed to help these pages generate more sales or leads.

Keeping your Pay Per Click (PPC) Account Updated

As your competitors change their own PPC campaigns, we take steps and maintain the success with pay per click campaign management. Many businesses are seasonal or operate product promotions and it is important to make the most of your PPC campaign by making quick structured adjustments to your pay per click account.

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