What is Off Site Optimisation?

After we have completed the work for your on site optimisation we then begin the development of your off site optimisation (off page optimisation).

There are various activities used for off site optimisation but basically it involves giving your website visibility and presence in the search engines and in particular Google.

Google and other search engines usually place a website with a higher authority rating, higher in their rankings also known as search engine results pages (SERP).  There are various strategies that can be adopted and can sometimes be a long and laborious process as often results are not instant.

What do search engines look for?

One of the main factors search engines look for when it comes to authority are quality inbound links to your website. The best quality links come from other high authority sites, which are relevant to your website in one form or another.  However link building itself is a skill and much time can be wasted linking from the wrong places or even worse getting involved in link farms or wasting money buying links.

Red Alien SEO team offer a fast efficient off site search engine optimisation services that takes away the SEO headaches required to get your site onto page one of Google. Red Alien only offer white hat SEO services which means we are honest and hardworking with what we do and won’t ever put your site at risk of getting banned by the search engines.

What off site results can you expect?

As the off site work begins to take shape you will be able to see your website climb up the search engines.  We have seen sites with less competitive keywords on page one of Google in a matter of days and have also seen others with very competitive keywords take many months.  The results very much depend on your keywords, competitors, the age of your website and the industry you are in and of course all of your on-site factors having been completed.

We do not get involved in Black Hat SEO.  In fact if you have been carrying out spammy backlink building and ask us to help you out then unfortunately we may not get involved at all.

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