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Our consultancy service can help you maximise digital marketing performance, improve visibility, ranking and increase targeted traffic.


Specialist Digital Marketing & SEO Support

At Red Alien we know that every business has unique goals and requirements and search engine optimisation (SEO) needs to be customised for each business based on multiple factors related to the website, the business, the competitors and its target market.

Advisory Reach

We work with companies, who often already have digital marketing teams but require additional support and with business owners who do not have a marketing function.  Our consultancy team can advise and support across a wide range of areas including technical SEO, website auditing, technical analysis, keyword research, backlink auditing, competitor analysis, SEO planning, International SEO, website migration, analytics set up and guidance in other areas of the SEO industry.

Experience in Industry

Red Alien also provide white label SEO consultancy to web design agencies, PR companies and many other organisations offering SEO services to their clients.

We aim to give you a clear competitive advantage when competing in a fast moving search industry. Our experience of maximising targeted search traffic, improving search visibility and increasing website conversions is often invaluable.


Our SEO Consulting Services

Keyword research and analysis

The keyword strategy is the foundation for all SEO plans. It outlines the target key phrases, which should be integrated into the architecture and content of your site.  They also play a part in the offsite SEO strategy and link acquisition activities.  Keyword research looks at search behavior, seasonal trends and a mix of high converting keywords and low hanging fruit.

SEO strategy development

We can work with you to develop an SEO strategy for your team and outline priorities based on your targets and goals.

Redesign guidance

The hardest decision to make can be when to redesign a website particularly if it already ranks well and has good search engine visibility. This can become even more complex if opening the site up to International markets or updating the content and structure.  We can help produce guidelines for each section and work with your developers to produce the most effective transition from old site to new.

Link building

Building good quality and targeted backlinks can be difficult and time-consuming. At Red Alien we care carefully craft content pitches, build contact databases for content and creative submissions to increase brand visibility and attain new backlinks.  If your content is not engaging or properly optimised, we will work with you to bring the quality of the pages up to date for link building and to assist external outreach.

SEO audits

You cannot know all of the details regarding your site set-up without carrying out a full audit. Each SEO audit includes an in-depth analysis of your site’s on-page optimisation and many other technical factors that could impact the indexing and visibility of your pages. We look at the overall domain, individual pages and technical set-up. Every audit is unique with results specific to each website providing our clients with actionable items and fixes to take the site forward.
We can work with you to develop an SEO strategy for your team and outline priorities based on your targets and goals.

Backlink audit

If you have ever purchased link building software or hired inexperienced or back hat SEO practitioners then there is a good chance that you require a backlink audit.  Not all backlinks are the same and not all are good for your site. Red Alien carry out full penalty recovery but prior to this stage it is often good practice to carry out a backlink audit to check for quality, authority and check the site is not at risk of a manual or algorithmic penalty.

New hire reviews

Have you made the decision to hire an SEO, link builder or developer with knowledge of the industry, but don’t know if they really know their stuff? Let us do the snooping to make sure you’re getting the best fit for your company.

Software recommendations

When it comes to search engine optimisation the industry seems to have new software for SEO and Social Media management released almost every week.  It can be a daunting and timely task selecting the right products to analyse, manage.  We can help you find and review the right tools that are the right fit for your business needs.

Competitive analysis

We analyse a number of factors from your competitors to review how they compare to you. We break down their on-site and off-site tactics to compare their set up and carry out backlink analysis to find their top external resources and uncover new opportunities that you may be able to use.

Quality assurance

You may have team members with SEO experience but need questions to be quantified and additional knowledge and expertise to fall back on before you implement changes. We can work on monthly retainers or on a project basis to add additional consultancy support.

Implementation guidelines

You may already come to us with key phrases, targets and competitor data. With or without this we can plan how to implement the right SEO activity to help you increase visibility and ranking whilst guiding your team through implementing technical, content and creative activity.

Supporting You

Our search engine optimisation and digital marketing consultancy services are designed to support and maximise the website marketing efforts for medium to large size businesses and agencies. Contact Red Alien today to speak with one of our consultants and discuss your SEO consultancy requirements.