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We have been busy the last couple of months working on ideas for our new logo and branding for Red Alien.  Myself and Zak discussed ideas and I was tasked with producing creative concepts during this process. As a digital marketing company with a focus on search engine optimisation one of the primary aims has always been to increase clients search engine visibility with the original messaging to ‘propel you higher in search results’ and in turn provide you with targeted website traffic.

Although the main goals and messaging are still there, the company, team and industry have evolved and our services have adapted to stay at the cutting edge of SEO whilst incorporating other related services that integrate into our solutions.

Initial Designs

The initial designs play heavily with this idea.  We incorporated rockets and spaceships into the brand name in order to create both a logo, and a symbol that could be used alongside other branding.

SEO logo process 1

SEO logo process 2

SEO logo process 3
A More Subtle Approach

SEO logo process 4

SEO logo process 5
Combining All Ideas Into One

SEO logo process 15

Experimenting with Colours

The letters for ‘Red’ were all edited to include more curves to aid a sense of motion. ‘Alien’ was edited to follow the shapes of ‘Red’ with contrasting elongated straights. The shape of this second typeface didn’t work very well with the alien, and as such ‘e’ was edited to have a more tail-like appearance. We also experimented with colour rather than going for the obvious red.
Rebranding Red Alien
The New Designs

Red & Black

SEO logo process 17SEO logo process 18

The final design uses both a full red logo, and a black logo with only the alien in red.

Zak said “Although Red Alien are Cambridge based we offer services to a range of companies from startups to multinational organisations and the size of companies that hear about us has certainly increased through both word of mouth and our increased search engine visibility.  We felt It was time that we refreshed our logo, graphics and branding to reflect this progress as a company with a range of bespoke digital and hard copy materials.

Hannah our design boff has been pivotal in helping us achieve our new logo and branding using the same processes that we would use for a client when incorporating design into campaigns and Vaughan has been looking at ways we can adapt and improve our website to integrate these new designs.  I am very happy that the results which provide us with a fresh and unique look and feel to take us through 2015 and beyond.”

Before and After

Pull the slider to see where we were and where we are now.
red alien old logo Red Alien SEO Cambridge

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