Red Alien Video Marketing service covers a wide range of types and styles to suit your business requirements.  Video forms an important part of the digital mix and can provide a valuable return on investment.  As SEO specialists we know video can provide a great catalyst for targeted website traffic, eye catching brand visibility and increased backlinks and social shares.

Types of video

A Viral Video is a video or a film generally that has been written for a specific purpose and becomes popular through the process of Internet sharing, typically through video sharing websites, social media and email.
The ideal Viral will often contain funny content and include some sort of sketch, but is not restricted to this. Quite often other video clips posted on the web can ‘Go Viral’. This is usually a unique video clip and in general has not been created for this purpose but due to the nature of the content catches the imagination online of social networking sites, and reaches out rapidly.

Examples could be the ‘Natalie Portman Rap’, which goes viral because of the juxtaposition of her assumed public persona and her surprising character shift in the video. That combined with the fact that she is performing on a video created by Saturday Night Live (one of Americas biggest comedy shows), all contribute to a successful viral. This will often be referred to as ‘Trending’, and is where the video shifts over many varied Social Media Platforms, eg. Guardian, Facebook, Twitter, BBC, to reach a huge audience over a uniquely short amount of time.

Just last year, the Kony 2012 video by Invisible Children, Inc. became the most viral video in history with over 34,000,000 views on the first day of its upload on 5 March 2012 and over 97,000,000 views as of 1 April 2013.

A Commercial Video is something that we are all so familiar with, on our TV’s and Radios. Commercials are specific ideas ‘shot’ with specific agendas for a chosen demographic and vary in cost enormously. Quite often a company may well chose to shoot behind the scenes footage on set which may well be used to construct accompanying viral campaigns.

A Corporate Video production refers to material (such as DVD, HD Video, streaming video or other media) commissioned primarily for a use by a company, corporation or organisation. A corporate video is often intended for a specific purpose in a corporate environment. Eg. Its a way of ‘City Banking Company’ conveying information to all of their portfolio of clients whilst being able to be specific to their clients needs in the information they are sharing, it may be full of jargon and dates and terms that exist only in that financial environment.

They can also include a product, service or company promotional video, training videos and information videos.
The best corporate videos are the ones that listen to their clients needs are developed in partnership. Some videos may use only minimal crew and basic equipment, whilst some large scale corporate videos may have similar (or often higher) budgets and level of production than a broadcast television programme or TV commercial.

An Infomercial, also known as Direct Response TV (DRTV), are television commercials which generally include a phone number or website. There are long-form infomercials, which are typically between 15 and 30 minutes in length, and short-form infomercials, which are typically 30 seconds to 120 seconds in length. Infomercials are also known as paid programming (or teleshopping in Europe). An example of an infomercial would be an Abdominal cruncher, that costs £39.99, “Keep for 50 days and if you aren’t completely satisfied return for a full refund.”
Motion Graphics can be used in a variety of ways across all of the above media applications. Motion graphics includes but is not limited to 2d and 3d animation and also Whiteboard production.

Whiteboard style videos can be amazing marketing videos, instructional talks, with a visual to your talk or story, bring illustrations to life, integrate text, logos or photos and keep any audience captivated.

At Red Alien we are happy to discuss your video needs and add offer our creative input to help deliver an outstanding end product.  Get in contact with us now to discuss your video project in more detail.